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    High-Speed Wireless Internet Access Now Available from FULLnet, Inc.

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    Speed Wireless Internet Access is now

    FULLnet, Inc. is now doing installs for wireless Internet access in the
    Jasper, Huntingburg, Otwell, Haysville, Irlend, Mariah Hill, Ferdinand, and surrounding areas. No more phone lines needed, no
    dialing or waiting to connect, the days of slow downloads are over with FULLnet wireless Internet. Wireless high speed Internet with no phone lines or wires of
    any kind from FULLnet's tower to your house or business.

    FOR MORE INFO CALL 812.482.3642

    Wireless Internet Access Frequently Asked Questions

    What's "Wireless Internet Access"?
    When Will Wireless Internet Access be available?
    How does FULLnet Wireless work?

    What equipment is needed?
    How fast is Wireless Internet?
    What's the security level of the connection?
    Will I have to learn anything new to use this system?
    What are some of the benefits of fast Internet access?
    Do I need a phone line?
    Is wireless Internet access similar to cable modem connections, ISDN connections, or DSL?
    Is Internet access unlimited?
    Is this the same as "satellite" Internet?
    Will I still need my modem?
    How long will it take to install?
    Can I get busy signals?
    Is it available in my area?
    How much will wireless access cost me?

    What's "Wireless Internet Access"?

    Wireless Internet access is exactly what it says: a wireless method of connecting to and using the Internet.
    FULLnet, Inc. is providing high speed cost effective solutions for Internet access, with NO PHONE LINES NEEDED! There is no need to worry about slow downloads, busy signals, or disconnections any more. With wireless Internet your computer is always o­n the Internet. Using this brand new technology,
    FULLnet, Inc. is the first company to bring cost effective, high speed Internet access to
    Dubois county and surrounding areas.

    When Will Wireless Internet Access be available? (NOW)

    FULLnet, Inc.
    is in the process of setting up high-speed wireless Internet
              access for Dubois county and
    surrounding areas. Our target date for the new service
              is OCT 1<sup>st</sup> 2002. (Now Available!)

    How does FULLnet Wireless work?

    FULLnet Wireless has towers with access points (APs).
    Your location must have line-of-sight visibility to o­ne of our AP towers
    or it will not work. AP locations have a coverage area of approximately 8
    - 10 miles in a generally circular pattern. Locations up to 30 miles away
    can get wireless access with the addition of an reflector kit.

    What equipment is needed?

    A typical setup for a wireless Internet connection is:

    Computer (Pentium or higher, 32 MB or higher, Windows 95 or newer, Macs, too) Network card Wireless Internet radio receiver Cable from your computer to the antenna at your location Directional antenna that points at o­ne of our Internet access points Mounting brackets to secure the antenna to your roof or existing tower o­n your roof.
    All equipment may be leased or purchased from FULLnet, Inc.

    How fast is Wireless Internet?

    At an absolute maximum, depending o­n weather conditions and radio interference in your location, your connection can receive and send information at about 1.544mb per second, equal to the speed of a T1 connection.
    At best you are getting 48k with your so called 56k modem the speed of
    wireless can be up to 4 MB.

    What's the security level of the connection?
    The way in which wireless Internet is implemented makes it very difficult to intercept, therefore it's quite secure. The hopping
         sequence could be observed but o­nly in the case of o­ne unit transmitting as an access point without other units in proximity.
         As additional units utilize the signal, it becomes exponentially more difficult to isolate o­ne signal. A specific code is used to allow o­nly approved radio clients to associate with any given access point. Also, the wireless system "frequency hops" which further frustrates any attempts at interception. Such hopping is completely transparent to the client. This connection is a
    fire walled connection. No o­ne can access your computer to harm it or view files across the Internet. This connection may not be used to run a web server or an FTP site.

    Will I have to learn anything new to use this system?

    If you know how to use a web browser and email software, you will find you've already learned what you need to know. With our setup, you are always o­nline, any time your computer is powered up. You click o­n your browser icon, and you are o­nline with no delay and no waiting, EVER, for a free line or a connection.

    What are some benefits to having fast Internet access?
    If you're used to the speed of standard dialup Internet access, you know the drill: click and wait. And wait. And (when there's a large image, or a lot of programming in the page you're trying to view) wait some more. With wireless Internet access, that wait is gone. You can play videos off the Web in "real time", make Internet phone calls with fluid clarity of transmission, play your favorite MP3 in real time, watch live video streams, send and receive files at breathtaking speeds. Best of all, general browsing is much more enjoyable than it ever was o­n a dialup connection!

    Do I need a phone line to access the Internet?

    No, a phone line is not needed. A wireless Internet connection is bi-directional, which means that your wireless setup will both receive and send data. It's a complete solution for your Internet connectivity.

    Is this like cable modems, ISDN, or DSL?

    Wireless Internet access is possible over a broader geographic area in
    Dubois County than any of the other options listed. Additionally, cable modems, ISDN and DSL are all dependent o­n phone lines or cable companies. Not so with wireless Internet, which is just as fast if not faster than the others.

    Is wireless Internet access unlimited?
    With wireless Internet access your computer is always connected. There are no time limits or restrictions o­n how long you can use it.

    Is this the same as what's called "satellite" Internet?

    No, it's better! Wireless Internet is bi-directional unlike satellite solutions, where you download via the dish antenna, but you are also connected by phone line to the Internet for your uploads. Our wireless solution eliminates the need for any dedicated phone lines, thereby reducing your costs, while providing data [transfer] rates much better than possible with modems or ISDN.

    Will I still need my modem?
    No, wireless Internet connections do not require a modem.

    How long does it take to install?

    As soon as your location has had a site survey to determine connection viability, a date will be set for installing your unit. When a service technician is o­n site, it could take as little as an hour or much as several days. Each location and application differs in the degree of difficulty.

    Will I get busy signals?

    No! You always have a Internet connection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A wireless connection requires no phone line, which makes it impossible to get a busy signal.

    Is this service available in my area?
    FULLnet, Inc. is currently installing wireless connections in and near the
    Dubois County area. We expect to be expanding our coverage territory soon. If you are in our coverage location, a site inspection will need to be performed for almost all potential customers to evaluate the ability to use wireless where you are. If you know where our access points are, and you can see o­ne, then you should be able to get a working signal. A site survey must be done prior to installing any wireless equipment.

    How much will wireless access cost me?

    Wireless access starts at $29.95 per month, and the cost is based
    on required speed, contract length and setup cost.

    and Small Businesses pricing plans.

    If you are
    interested in High Speed Wireless Internet Access, and would like to schedule a site survey, please call our office at 812.482.3642 or 888.485.5638 for
    more information.

    FULLnet Wireless Internet Contract and Lease


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